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New! Low Profile Painting and E-Coating Racks

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Painters and e-coaters have unique small part handling problems. Endura has addressed many of these problems with a unique line of two and four-sided low profile tension painting racks.

Ground: A good ground is necessary for a good finish when using wet or dry electrostatic paint or when e-coating.
Due to the pressure between the sharp edges of the tension fingers and the parts, Endura tension racks provide a con-sistently superior ground compared to a wire hook.

Total rack area: Obviously, the total area of the rack is important. Minimizing the total surface area of the rack minimizes the amount of paint that will adhere to the rack. Two and four-sided Endura low profile racks are strong and durable, while minimizing total rack area.

Part density: Endura painting racks are custom designed to meet specific customer requirements. Rack length and tension finger spacing is configured to maximize part density on each rack.

Stripping: Most painters strip their racks, using chemical stripper or by burning the paint off. Chemical strippers don’t affect racks, but burning them off can remove the temper from tension racks if they get too hot. Many Endura painting racks are available made of either ferrous or stainless spring steel. Customers, who use chemical strippers, may choose to use stainless or ferrous metal racks. Customers, who burn off their racks, prefer stainless steel, as this material can tolerate higher burn off temperatures.

Liquid containment in the rack: Liquid containment in the rack can cause two different problems. First, there is contamination between wash tanks caused by carryover. Second, any liquid trapped in the rack can boil out in the curing oven and damage the finish on the parts. Endura racks are designed to minimize liquid containment in the rack. As a result, carryover contamination and liquid boil out is dramatically reduced.

Losing parts: Parts falling off hook racks is a common problem with both wash tanks and spray wash systems. Tension racks grip small parts securely and practically eliminate part loss.

Racking and unracking efficiency: Manually racking and unracking small parts is labor intensive and inefficient. Endura two and four-sided low profile painting racks are compatible with both manual and air powered Endura racking equipment. By combining low profile painting racks with Endura racking equipment, productivity is increased and overall efficiency is enhanced.