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Air Powered Racking Machines are Available in 36" and 48" Models

Endura air powered racking machines are a must for any high volume coater. Customers who use 36" and 48" racks made with heavy gauge tension fingers often prefer air powered racking equipment. Endura is the only manufacturer of an air racking and unracking machine which offers a wide range of features designed to enhance production efficiency.

Features include:

  • Limiting the closure gap between the racking jaws during racking and unracking
  • Racking and unracking configuration change over without tools
  • Rotating the rack within the machine while racking parts
  • Dual safety air switches
  • Heavy duty construction throughout
  • Ready to hook up to your shop compressed air supply
  • No electrical hook up required

If your plant uses 36" or 48" long heavy tension racks, the Endura air powered racking machine is the perfect solution to your parts racking and unracking problems. No more manually racking and unracking by hand. Eliminate squeezing tension fingers and the carpal tunnel threat associated with manual racking/ unracking.

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