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Aluminum Replacement Rack Leaves for Anodizers

Aluminum anodizers can "re-build" racks using their existing splines and Endura aluminum rack leaves. Like all Endura rack products, aluminum anodizing leaves are custom manufactured to meet your specification.

Custom manufactured to fit your parts and your existing rack spline
Endura aluminum leaves are made to optimize production on your anodizing line. Rack length, pin spacing and profile, rack material thickness, special drainage considerations, single or two sided configurations are available. Mounting holes are configured to match your existing splines.

Replacement leaves are economical to purchase and can be custom manufactured to assure maximum part density. Don't settle for a "standard" rack leaf which is less than ideal for your production requirements.

Easy to install
Computer controlled equipment is used to accurately manufacture all Endura rack leaves. Spline mounting holes are accurately positioned on each leaf.