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FasTrack Racking Machines are Available in 24", 36", & 48"

Endura racking machines, the patented FasTrack is the worlds first, commercially manufactured racking/unracking machine. Available in three sizes to handle 24", 36" and 48" long racks, the FasTrack has become the workhorse of the small parts finishing industry.

The FasTrack:

  • Dramatically reduces Racking and Unracking Labor Costs
  • Virtually Eliminates Manual Racking and Unracking induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Eliminates internal Scratch Marks from Unracking
  • Prolongs Rack Life
  • Requires No External Electrical or Air Source or Supply
The FasTrack is EASY TO OPERATE:
TO LOAD A RACK - insert the rack - push handle down to bring the rack up to the fixed jaw - step on the foot pedal and the whole row of pins is squeezed together - place the parts on the closed pins - step off the pedal, and the jaw opens - rotate the rack to the next row of empty pins - repeat until the rack is full - remove and replace with another empty rack.
TO UNLOAD A RACK - lock the jaws in the unracking position - hold the rack with the pins down between the jaws - step on the foot pedal and the parts all drop into a bin below - step off the foot pedal and rotate the rack to the next set of pins to be unracked - repeat until the rack is empty.

Speeds up racking and unracking * manually operated * safe to use * no more squeezing pins with fingers * helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome * no rack marks when unracking * racks last longer * FasTrack needs no electrical or compressed air hookup * can be used anywhere in your plant * height of pins to be racked is adjustable * easy to operate * heavy duty construction * machines available for 24" of pins, 36" of pins, or 48" of pins * area under rack is clear for unracking * fast return on your investment.

FasTrack will make money for you year after year. We have machines that have been in constant use for over 10 years without a single mechanical failure. It is not uncommon to recover your investment in 10 to 12 weeks with the labor savings alone. This is one of the wisest investments you can make for your business.