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Stainless Steel Rack Leaves for Platers
Endura plating racks rebuilding program. These leaves are Custom Manufactured to fit Your Parts and Your Existing Rack Spline.

Most platers have a local supplier strip and re-apply plastisol to their racks when required. Endura manufactures replacement, stainless steel rack leaves which can be bolted to your existing splines. Rebuilding plating racks with Endura replacement leaves is efficient and economical.

Endura stainless steel rack leaves also offer important advantages over wire tension fingers found on many plating racks. Endura rack leaves provide a superior ground over the life of the rack as the tension fingers have a greater cross section of more durable material. This feature also assures superior tension contact between the rack and the part.

Endura stainless steel rack leaves offer superior durability, ground and part security to the rack for economical, high quality plating.

Because Endura plating rack leaves are made of one solid peice of stainless steel, there is no chance of corosion at the individual pins.  As a result, you a achieve a uniform finish to every part of the rack.  This is another very important result from using Endura racks.

Custom copper plating splines are available
Custom copper rack splines are available from Endura. Customers can purchase custom splines and rack leaves either assembled or un-assembled. Splines and rack leaves are shipped without plastisol coating.


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