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Company Profile
Racking, cleaning, finishing and unracking small parts is a complex challenge within the finishing industry. Powder coaters, painters, e-coaters, platers, anodizers and vacuum coaters all face unique finishing and part handling problems. These problems range from racking and unracking efficiency (labor costs), part density, drainage, parts falling off racks during processing, rack marks, scratch marks from unracking, liquid carry over, bake off "spatter", and achieving and maintaining a positive ground to the part. Combine these considerations with rack cost and durability and you can understand the importance of working with a company with a proven track record of performance in the finishing industry.

Endura Corporation is dedicated to helping our customers improve racking and unracking efficiency, improve process and part finish quality, and control overall racking costs.

Over the years, Endura has helped thousands of finishers. Endura products save many customers thousands of dollars each month in direct costs, plus thousands more each year by virtually eliminating carpal tunnel syndrome claims.

We invite you to take a few minutes of your time and check out some of the products Endura has to offer your business. As Endura racks are all custom manufactured, don't worry if you don't see an equivalent to your existing rack. Just send us your sample parts and specifications. Endura will be happy to work up a quote for your review.

We pride ourselves on our innovative racking ideas.

If you would like to have an Endura representative contact you, or if you would like a free video or literature on Endura products, please be sure to fill out the "Customer Contact" page. All requests for information are responded to daily.