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      Painting Internal/External Tension Racks
Endura painting racks are accurately manufactured using computer controlled equipment, Endura racks are available in quantities ranging from one to thousands. All racks are custom designed and manufactured to your specifications. Endura internal and external, painting and e-coating tension racks offer several important advantages over hook style racks.

Reduce Part Loss
Endura tension racks are design to hold parts securely. Parts can't "float off" the rack during cleaning. Even customers using spray washing equipment are amazed at how securely Endura racks hold parts in place.

Improved Electrical Ground Reduces Light Coats
Many painters and e-coaters have an unacceptable percentage of light coats. Endura racks are designed to dramatically reduce light coats. Hook racks and many tension racks use round wire to hold the part. With hook racks, only the part weight of the part is pressing the part into contact with the rack. As small parts are light, this grounding system is not reliable to say the least.

Endura racks are made of a special flat spring steel punched out on computer controlled punching equipment. Rack edges are intentionally sharp. As a part is mounted on the tension fingers, the sharp edges of the rack are pressed into contact with the part. This design has been consistently proven to provide a superior ground to the part.

Superior Grounding Improves Finish Quality
A superior ground means a superior finish with minimal light coat profit loss. Customers today want quality and without a good electrical ground, a consistent high quality finish is impossible.

Custom Pin Configurations
Endura painting and e-coating racks are made to optimize production on your finishing line. Rack length, pin spacing and profile, rack material thickness, special drainage considerations, single, two or four sided configurations are factored to assure maximum efficiency, quality and productivity. The level of flexibility and control which Endura racks provide is unavailable using hook racks.

Custom Rack Ends
Standard or custom rack ends are available on Endura racks. Rack ends are designed to work with your existing rack frames or conveyors.

"Dimpled Racks"
In 1998, Endura introduced their unique "dimpled" rack design for painters and e-coaters. Dimpled racks dramatically reduce the amount of liquid which can be trapped in the rack. Reducing trapped liquid significantly reduces chemical "carry over" between cleaning tanks. This feature also virtually eliminates "spatter" problems which are caused when trapped liquid cooks out of the rack during the final drying and/or curing oven. Dimpled racks cost a little more than a standard rack but customers agree the new dimpled racks are well worth the small additional expense.


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