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Stainless Steel Fixtures for Vacuum Coating

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Endura Vacuum Coating Racks are here. Endura is working with several vacuum coating companies to develop racks that are suitable for this important industry. As a result of these efforts, Endura now offers customers a line of new products designed to improve their racking and unracking productivity and to allow greater flexibility when trying to maximize the capacity of their vacuum chamber.

The Endura racking "system" consists of a central mandrel with special end caps attached. End caps are configured to accept individual, single-sided rack sections. Racks with various tension finger configurations can be mounted on any given mandrel.

This racking system offers several important advantages.

Because the individual racks can be removed from the mandrel, the racks can be used with a racking/unracking machine. This is a significant advantage when running large quantities of small parts as racking and unracking time and cost can be significantly reduced. Almost all existing vacuum coating racks must be racked and unracked by hand and cannot be used with racking or unracking equipment.

Different style rack sections can be supported on a common mandrel. This allows various size and shape parts to
be supported on a given rack/mandrel assembly. This, in turn, allows the maximum utilization of space within the vacuum chamber.

Because a common mandrel can be used to support rack sections that are available in almost unlimited pin configurations, there is no need for dedicated single function racks. This is significant for two reasons. First, using dedicated racks, customers must pay for a mandrel that can only be used when a specific part is being run. This represents a huge waste of money. Secondly, the storage of dedicated racks requires a large amount of space.

Endura individual rack sections are designed to hold parts securely through the entire finishing process. They are also designed to minimize the amount of liquid that could be trapped in the rack.

A mounting hole is punched in the top of each rack section. When the rack is
not supported in a mandrel, this hole allows the rack sections to be secured by a hook. This simple feature expands the versatility of the rack sections in shops that apply vacuum coatings and other surface finishes.

Endura vacuum coating racks offer a new level of efficiency. Precision manufactured to fit your vacuum chamber and to support your parts, Endura racks are the affordable solution to your parts handling problems.

Fixtures designed to fit your parts and your vacuum chamber
Because vacuum chamber sizes and shapes vary, Endura designs and manufactures custom fixtures to fit individual customer requirements. Fitting the vacuum chamber while maximizing part density is the key requirement. All Endura vacuum coating and vapor deposition fixtures are made of stainless steel and both internal and external tension rack styles can be used.

Endura is one of the only racking companies which has established a reputation within the vacuum coating industry for providing effective fixturing solutions. Endura custom vacuum metalizing and vapor deposition fixtures are available in any quantity.

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