Anodizing Racks

Aluminum anodizers can "re-build" racks using their existing splines and Endura aluminum rack leaves. Like all Endura rack products, aluminum anodizing racks are custom manufactured to meet your specification.



Endura aluminum anodizing rack leaves can be designed to fit on existing splines with tension finger profile, spacing, mounting hole pattern, length, bend angles and rack thickness designed to meet individual customer requirements.


Endura anodizing replacement leaves are affordable and can be purchased in any quantity.

Easy to Install

Aluminum anodizing racks are easy to install on existing rack splines.


Improve Finish Quality

Endura aluminum leaves can be designed to provide strong contact points between the rack and the part. Positive contacts improve part finishing quality and consistency.

Reduce Part Loss

Replacement tension leaves can be designed to hold parts securely to the rack leaves, virtually eliminating parts falling off the rack during the cleaning and/or finishing process.


Using aluminum anodizing rack leaves allows rack loading and unloading to be automated using FasTrack equipment.